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Add Watermark to a Batch of Documents and Images in .NET and Java

Watermarking is a popular technique to indicate that the content or data inside a document is copyrighted. On the other hand, it is also used to place the company’s logo or some kind of label in the documents before they … Continue reading

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Compare Two Images in C# .NET and Java

GroupDocs.Comparison is a document comparison API that correlates content and style, it detects number of inserted/deleted or style changed items and generates a summary. How GroupDocs.Comparison works for Image Comparison? The comparison starts with the upper left corner and compares … Continue reading

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Restart the List Numbering Dynamically within Your Document

Nested or the multi-level numbered lists allow you to group the items based on the parent item. Put it simply, you can separately list the items under each group. This becomes very useful when you have to list the items … Continue reading

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