DWG to PDF Java

DWG files stand as the cornerstone for CAD (Computer-Aided Design) projects. However, sharing these files with collaborators or clients who might not have access to CAD software can be cumbersome. Whereas, the PDF format is a universal file type that allows easy viewing and sharing across different platforms. In this blog post, you will learn how to convert DWG files to PDF using Java.

Why Convert DWG to PDF?

Let’s understand why converting DWG files to PDF is beneficial:

Universal Accessibility: PDF files can be opened and viewed on any device without the need for specialized software, making collaboration seamless.

Preservation of Design Integrity: Converting DWG files to PDF ensures that the design layout, dimensions, and annotations remain intact, providing a reliable representation of the original CAD file.

Reduced File Size: PDF files tend to have smaller sizes compared to DWG files, making them easier to share via email or upload to cloud storage platforms.

DWG to PDF Converter - Java API Installation

You can configure Conholdate.Total for Java using the Maven configurations below:


Convert DWG to PDF in Java

You need to follow the steps below to convert DWG to PDF in Java:

  • Load the input DWG CAD drawing with the Image class.
  • Initialize an instance of PdfOptions class.
  • Convert DWG to PDF with the Save() method.

The code snippet below shows how to convert DWG to PDF in Java:

Convert DWG to PDF using Advanced Options in Java

This section takes the DWG CAD drawing to PDF rendering a step further where you can set advanced options for the conversion:

  • Create an object of the Image class to load the input DWG drawing.
  • Declare an object of CadRasterizationOptions class.
  • Initiate a PdfOptions class object.
  • Specify the VectorRasterizationOptions property.
  • Export the DWG to PDF document using the Save() method.

The following sample code explains how to convert DWG to PDF in Java:

Free Evaluation License

You may request a free temporary license to test the APIs without any evaluation limitations.

Wrapping Up

Converting DWG files to PDF in Java offers a convenient way to share CAD designs with stakeholders, regardless of their access to CAD software. By leveraging this Java library, you can automate the conversion process and enhance collaboration efficiency in design and engineering projects. Experiment with the provided code snippets and explore further customization options to suit your specific requirements. Moreover, in case of any ambiguities please write to us at the forum.


Will the converted PDF files maintain the original DWG design integrity?

Yes, when converting DWG files to PDF, the design layout, dimensions, and annotations are preserved in the resulting PDF file. This ensures that the converted PDF accurately represents the original CAD design.

Can I customize the conversion settings, such as page size and orientation?

Yes, you can set different page sizes, page rotations, and several other properties while rendering DWG to PDF in Java.

Is technical support available for this Java library used for DWG to PDF conversion?

Yes, support is available through community forums, documentation, and demos. You can always reach out to us for any of your issues.

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