Excel to CSV C#

In this guide, we’ll explore how to perform Excel to CSV conversion using C#. Whether you’re dealing with large datasets or need to automate the process, this powerful C# converter can handle Excel to CSV conversions.

Why Convert Excel to CSV?

CSV files are widely used for data interchange due to their simplicity and compatibility with various applications. Converting Excel to CSV offers benefits such as reduced file size, easy data manipulation, and better compatibility with database systems and programming languages. Whether you’re preparing data for analysis, migration, or sharing with others, converting Excel to CSV streamlines the process.

Compatibility: CSV files are widely supported by various software applications, programming languages, and database systems. They provide a common format for data interchange, making it easier to share data across different platforms.

Simplicity: CSV files contain plain text data with comma-separated values. This simplicity makes them easy to read and manipulate using text editors, spreadsheet software, or programming languages.

Size Reduction: CSV files are often smaller in size compared to Excel files, especially if the Excel file contains formatting, images, or complex formulas. This can save storage space and reduce bandwidth usage when transferring files.

Data Processing: CSV files are suitable for data processing tasks such as importing data into databases, performing data analysis using tools like Python or R, and generating reports. Many data processing tools and libraries support CSV format natively.

Excel XLSX to CSV Converter - C# API Installation

For converting XLS or XLSX Excel spreadsheets to CSV file format in C#, you have to install Conholdate.Total for .NET. Quickly download it from the New Releases section or use the following NuGet installation command:

PM> NuGet\Install-Package Conholdate.Total

Convert Excel XLSX XLS to CSV in C#

You can convert an Excel XLSX file to a CSV file in C# with the following steps:

  • Read the input XLSX file using the Workbook class.
  • Convert Excel to CSV by calling the Save method.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to convert Excel to CSV in C#:

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Summing Up

Converting Excel files to CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format is a common task in data processing and analysis. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and code snippets to streamline XLSX or XLS to CSV file conversion. In case you want to discuss any of your concerns or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at forum.


What is the difference between Excel and CSV file formats?

Excel files (.xlsx or .xls) are spreadsheet files that can contain multiple sheets with formatted data, formulas, and charts. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files, on the other hand, are plain text files where each line represents a row of data, with values separated by commas.

Are there any limitations when converting Excel to CSV using Java?

One limitation is that Excel features such as formulas, cell formatting, and macros are not preserved in CSV files. Only the raw data values are exported to CSV.

Is it possible to convert multiple Excel sheets to separate CSV files?

Yes, you can improvise the code snippet to read and process multiple sheets from an Excel file and write each sheet’s data to a separate CSV file.

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