PDF files are a ubiquitous format for document sharing, but sometimes you need to edit or extract text from them. Microsoft Word’s DOCX format is one of the most popular choices for document editing. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to convert a PDF to DOCX with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using C#. OCR technology can help extract text from scanned PDFs or image-based PDFs, making it a versatile tool for document conversion.

PDF to DOCX Converter with OCR - C# API Installation

For converting PDF to DOCX Word document with OCR in C#, you need to configure Conholdate.Total for .NET. You can easily do this using the NuGet Package Manager plugin in Visual Studio IDE or run the following NuGet installation command:

PM> NuGet\Install-Package Conholdate.Total

Convert PDF to DOCX with OCR in C#

You can convert a PDF to a Word document with OCR in C# with the following steps:

  • Create an object of the OcrInput class.
  • Load the source PDF document with the Add(string) method.
  • Recognize the text from the document with the Recognize(OcrInput, RecognitionSettings) method.
  • Save editable document in Microsoft Word (DOCX) format with the SaveMultipageDocument(string, SaveFormat, List) method.

The following sample code is an example of how to convert PDF to DOCX with OCR in C#:

Convert Scanned PDF to DOCX with OCR using Preprocessing Filters in C#

You can enhance the scanned PDF to DOCX conversion with OCR by using different settings. For instance, set different preprocessing filters for improved accuracy like deskewing or denoising the source file. The following steps elaborate the advanced approach of converting scanned PDF to DOCX with OCR in C#:

  • Set the preprocessing filters with the PreprocessingFilter class.
  • Initialize an instance of the OcrInput class.
  • Recognize the text from the document using Recognize(OcrInput, RecognitionSettings) method.
  • Save the recognized text as a Word DOCX document using the SaveMultipageDocument(string, SaveFormat, List) method.

The code snippet below elaborates on how to convert scanned PDF to DOCX with OCR using preprocessing filters in C#:

Free Evaluation License

You can obtain a free evaluation license to evaluate the APIs without any restrictions.

Summing Up

In this blog post, you have learned how to convert PDF to DOCX with OCR in C#. You can easily extract text from PDFs, including scanned documents, and save them as editable Word DOCX files. This can be a valuable tool in various scenarios, such as data extraction from PDF forms or digitizing printed documents. Experiment with different settings and customization options to meet your specific requirements, and enhance your document processing capabilities in C#. In case of any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via the forum.


Are multiple languages supported by OCR when converting PDFs to DOCX in C#?

Yes, it can recognize text in a large number of languages and all popular writing scripts, including texts with mixed languages.

Is the spell-checking feature supported while converting scanned PDF to editable Word DOCX documents?

Yes, you can set the spell-checking feature to fix any misspelled words as different dictionaries are supported by the spell-checker.

Are there any limitations or challenges to be aware of when using OCR for PDF to DOCX conversion?

Yes, OCR may not be perfect and can sometimes produce errors, especially with complex layouts, handwritten text, or low-quality scans. It’s important to review and edit the converted text as needed to ensure accuracy. Additionally, OCR performance may vary depending on the quality of the input PDF and the language used.

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