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Editable content, control over formatting, searchability, compatibility, accessibility, etc., might be some appealing features of MS Word file format convincing you to convert your PDFs to Word(DOC, DOCX) documents. If yes, in this article, you will learn how to convert your PDF files using our free PDF to Word online converter. Furthermore, we will also provide a developer’s guide to elaborate on how to use our PDF conversion library while making a software app.

We will cover the following points:

Using Online PDF to Word Converter

You can use our free PDF converter tool to convert your PDFs to DOC or DOCX file formats.

PDF to Word Online Converter

You are required to follow the simple steps given below:

  1. First, open our online converter in your web browser.
  2. Then, upload your PDFs.
  3. Finally, start converting your PDFs to DOC or DOCX.

Our secure server protects the uploaded data, thus users aren’t required to be worried about the confidentiality of your documents. After 24 hours, your posted files will be automatically deleted from the server.

Developer’s Guide: Online PDF to Word Converter

C# Tutorial: Convert PDF to Word

The following are the steps and code samples to export a PDF file to DOC or DOCX format in C#.

  1. Install Conholdate.Total for .NET in your application.
  2. Use the code below to load a PDF file and convert it to DOCX.

Convert PDF to Word in Java

Java developers can follow the steps below to convert a PDF file to DOC or DOCX file.

  1. Install Conholdate.Total for Java in your application.
  2. Follow the code given below to load and convert the PDF files.


How to convert PDF to Word online?

Upload the file and press the convert button to start the process. Once done, the converted DOC or DOCX file is automatically downloaded.

What will you do with uploaded files after conversion?

The uploaded files will be removed automatically after 24 hours. Meanwhile, the files will remain safe and protected.

How can I create my PDF to Word converter?

You can use our standalone .NET or Java libraries.

Can I get a license to evaluate the library?

You can acquire a free temporary license to test the API without evaluation limitations.

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