Visio VSDX to Word DOCX C#

Microsoft Visio has long been a go-to tool for creating intricate diagrams, flowcharts, and visual representations of complex processes. While Microsoft Word remains a ubiquitous platform for documentation. However, there are instances when it becomes necessary to convert Visio diagrams to Word documents for more comprehensive reports or collaborative purposes. In this blog post, we will explore the process of converting Visio VSDX files to Word documents using C#.

Why Convert Visio to Word Document?

Document Standardization: Converting Visio diagrams to Word allows for the integration of visual elements into standardized documents, enhancing overall document consistency.

Documentation and Reporting: Converting Visio diagrams to Word enables the inclusion of visual elements within comprehensive reports and documentation, making it easier for readers to understand complex information.

Unified Documentation: Bringing your Visio diagrams into a Word document allows you to consolidate all relevant information in one place. This can be especially useful for project documentation, presentations, or reports where a combination of visual elements and textual explanations is required.

Convert Visio VSDX to Word DOCX in C#

The following steps elaborate on how to convert Visio to a Word DOCX document in C#:

  • Configure Conholdate.Total for .NET in your environment.
  • Declare PdfSaveOptions class object.
  • Save the Visio diagram to an intermediary PDF document with the Save method.
  • Load the PDF file using the Document class.
  • Instantiate DocSaveOptions class object.
  • Convert the Visio diagram file to Word document DOCX format with the Save method.

The following code snippet shows how to convert a Visio VSDX diagram to a Word document in C#:

Convert Visio to Word DOCX Document in C# - Advanced Options

This section explains the conversion a step further where you can use advanced options to convert Visio to a Word document in C#:

  • Install Conholdate.Total for .NET in your system.
  • Initialize a PdfSaveOptions class object.
  • Render the input Visio diagram to PDF format using the Save method.
  • Access the PDF document with the Document class.
  • Create an object of DocSaveOptions class.
  • Convert the VSDX diagram file to a DOCX document by invoking the Save method.

The sample code below demonstrates how to convert Visio VSDX to Word DOCX with advanced options in C#:

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Wrapping Up

This blog post presents basic conversion examples, where you can further adjust the code depending on your specific requirements. Additionally, make sure to handle exceptions, release memory when needed and test the conversion with different layouts and diagrams. Converting Visio VSDX to Word DOCX in C# can significantly improve your documentation workflow, providing a seamless way to combine visual elements with textual explanations. In case of any ambiguities, please write to us at forum.

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