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Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software that allows for organized data management, complex calculations, and comprehensive data analysis. However, data sometimes exists in Word documents. For such scenarios, Word DOCX to Excel XLSX conversion is helpful as it lets you harness the full potential of Excel.

Online Free Word to Excel Converter

Word documents and Excel spreadsheets serve different purposes, but there are instances where the need for conversion arises. For example, you have a table of data in a Word document that you want to manipulate and analyze using Excel’s powerful features. Or maybe you need to consolidate information from various Word documents into a single Excel file for better organization. Whatever the reason, this free online Word to Excel Converter can save you time and effort.

How to Convert Word Document to Excel Sheet Online for Free

  1. Access the online converter app using a web browser.
  2. Upload the source Word document.
  3. Ensure that XLSX value is selected as the output format.
  4. Click the Convert button.
  5. Download the output Excel spreadsheet with the Download button.

Convert Word to Excel in C#

The steps below explain how to convert Word documents to Excel spreadsheets in C#:

  • Install Conholdate.Total for .NET on your end.
  • Load the source Word document with the Document class.
  • Convert DOCX to HTML format as an intermediary file using the Save() method.
  • Load the intermediary HTML file using the Workbook class.
  • Write the output Excel XLSX file using the SaveFormat enumeration.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to convert DOCX to XLSX in C#:

Why Convert Word Document to Excel Spreadsheet?

Converting Word DOCX to Excel XLSX format allows you to:

Perform Calculations: Excel’s robust formulas and functions simplify complex calculations, allowing for efficient data manipulation.

Create Graphs and Charts: Visual representation of data is a breeze with Excel, enabling you to communicate insights effectively.

Organize Data Effectively: Excel provides a structured grid format, making it easier to arrange and analyze data systematically.

Enhance Collaboration: Excel’s collaborative features make it easy to share and collaborate on data with colleagues or classmates.

Free Evaluation License

You can get a free temporary license to test the APIs without any evaluation watermarks or restrictions.

Summing Up

Converting Word to Excel online for free has never been easier. The details mentioned above provide a convenient and efficient way to make the transition, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your data in Excel. Whether you’re a professional managing business data or a student working on a project, this free online converter ensures that you can seamlessly convert Word to Excel and stay ahead in your tasks. Similarly, you can embed the DOCX conversion feature into your C# projects as per your requirements. In case of any ambiguities, please feel free to contact us at the forum.


What types of Word documents can be converted to Excel online for free?

This online converter supports the conversion of standard Word documents (.doc and .docx) to Excel formats (.xls and .xlsx).

Is there any risk to the original Word document during the conversion process?

This free online converter does not alter the original Word document. However, it’s recommended to keep a backup of your files before using any online converter to prevent potential data loss.

How can I upload the input Word document?

You can upload the input DOC or DOCX format document from the disk with drag-and-drop feature or paste the link to the document like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

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