Word to TeX C#

Converting Word documents (DOCX or DOC) to TeX format (LaTeX) can be a crucial task for academic, technical, and scientific document preparation. TeX provides precise control over document formatting, making it a preferred choice for many researchers and professionals. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of converting Word to TeX in C# with just a few steps.

Why Convert Word Documents to TeX format?

You might need to convert Word documents to LaTeX format for different reasons. Below are some of the use cases when this conversion is useful:

Precision Formatting: TeX allows for precise control over document formatting, which is essential for scientific and academic papers.

Mathematical Notations: LaTeX is renowned for its ability to handle complex mathematical notations with ease.

Document Stability: LaTeX documents are less prone to formatting issues that can arise in word processors like Microsoft Word.

Collaboration: TeX files can be easily version-controlled, making collaboration more efficient.

Word to TeX Converter - C# API Configuration

First, install the required library to perform the conversion. You can use the following command to install Conholdate.Total for .NET in the NuGet Package Manager Console:

PM> NuGet\Install-Package Conholdate.Total

Convert Word DOCX to TeX in C#

You need to follow the steps below to convert Word DOCX or DOC document to LaTeX format in C#:

  • Load the source Word DOCX file using the Document class.
  • Export the input file to intermediary PDF format in a Stream.
  • Read the stream and load the generated file.
  • Write the output LaTeX file using the Save method.

The sample code below shows how to convert Word to LaTeX in C#:

Free Evaluation License

You may request a free temporary license for testing different features of the API to their full capacity.


This approach ensures that your document retains its formatting and structure, making it suitable for academic and technical use. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily achieve this conversion and leverage the benefits of LaTeX for your documents. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at forum.


Can I convert DOC files to TeX as well?

Yes, the same method applies to DOC files. Simply load the DOC file instead of DOCX.

Are there any limitations to this conversion process?

In general, there are no such limitations. However, some complex Word documents with intricate formatting may require additional adjustments in the TeX file.

Can I automate this conversion process?

Yes, you can integrate this code into larger automation workflows to handle bulk conversions.

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