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The XML was designed for the document-based application, while the idea behind introducing the JSON was to make it convinient for web-based applications. That’s why JSON is more widely adopted by web developers as compared with XML. Lightweight, high flexibility, compatibility, and ease of reading and writing are some main reasons that prove JSON format better than XML. If you want to convert XMLs to JSON files, we will describe here a free XML converter to convert XML to JSON Online. Furthermore, you will see how you can create an XML converter app using standalone Java and C# libraries.

We will cover the following points:

Using Online XML to JSON Converter

You can use our free XML converter tool to convert your XML to JSON files.

XML to JSON Online Converter

Please follow the simple steps given below:

  1. First, open our online converter in your web browser.
  2. Then, upload your XML.
  3. Finally, start converting your XML to JSON.

Our protected server secures the uploaded data, so you don’t have to be concerned about the privacy or security of your documents. After 24 hours, your submitted files will be automatically deleted from the server.

Developer’s Guide: Online XML to JSON Converter

In this section, you may learn how to make an XML conversion app. You can also use our standalone libraries to implement similar use cases in your software projects. In the following subsections, we explain how to use our standalone libraries available in C# and Java languages.

Convert XML to JSON in C#

The following are the steps and code samples to export a XML file to JSON format in C#.

Java Tutorial: Convert XML to JSON Online

You can also use Java APIs to convert XML files to JSON. Please visit product and documentation pages for more details.


How to convert XML to JSON online?

To begin, please upload the XML file and click the convert button. After finished, you will be given the choice to copy the converted JSON link or download it to your device.

How quick is this online XML to JSON tool?

Our free online XML to JSON converter is quick and efficient, providing conversions in a few seconds.

What will you do with uploaded files after conversion?

After 24 hours, the submitted files will be automatically deleted. Meanwhile, the files will be kept safe and secure.

How can I create my XML to JSON converter?

You can use our standalone .NET or Java libraries.

Can I get a license to evaluate the library?

You can acquire a free temporary license to test the API without evaluation limitations.

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