Create QR Code in Java

QR codes are used for everything from sharing website links and contact information to making payments and tracking inventory. If you’re a Java developer, you might be wondering how to create QR codes programmatically. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process to create QR codes in Java.

QR Code Generator - Java API Installation

You can easily configure the QR Generator API from the New Releases section or install Conholdate.Total for Java with the following Maven configurations:


Create QR Code in Java

You can create a QR code in Java by following the steps below:

  • Initialize an instance of the BarcodeGenerator class.
  • Specify the QR Code appearance parameters with setText(String), setAutoSizeMode(AutoSizeMode), and other methods.
  • Set the encoding type with setQrEncodeType(QREncodeType) and the QR version with setQrVersion(QRVersion) method.
  • Write the output QR code with the save(String, BarCodeImageFormat) method.

The code snippet below demonstrates how to create a QR code in Java:

Create QR Code with Aspect Ratio in Java

You can improvise the QR code generation process by changing different values of the barcode parameters. For instance, you can specify different captions, auto size mode, version, aspect ratio, etc. The steps below further elaborate on how to create a QR code with aspect ratio in Java:

  • Instantiate an object of the BarcodeGenerator class.
  • Set different QR barcode parameters like setVisible(bool) and setPixels(Unit) method.
  • Specify the Aspect Ratio with setAspectRatio(float) method.
  • Export the output QR Code using the save(String, BarCodeImageFormat) method.

The following sample code explains how to create a QR barcode with aspect ratio in Java:

The screenshot below is a sample QR code genearted with aspect ratio:

Generate QR Code Java

Free Evaluation License

You may get a free temporary license to avoid the evaluation limitations and test the APIs to their full capacity.

Summing Up

Creating QR codes in Java is relatively straightforward process. Whether you want to generate QR codes for websites, contact information, or any other purpose, you now have the knowledge to do so. Experiment with different content and settings to create QR codes that suit your specific requirements. QR codes are a versatile tool that can enhance the functionality of your Java applications. However, in case you need to discuss any of your concerns, please write to us at the forum.

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