Convert XML to Excel using C#

Convert XML to Excel using C#

Importing XML data into an Excel XLSX file in C# is quite easy now. This .NET Excel library offers methods and properties to automate this process where you can even configure the import options and the data representation. In addition, both of these data file formats are widely used in organizations due to their rich characteristics and usage. In this blog post, we will write a code snippet that will convert XML to Excel XLSX using C# programmatically.

We will cover the following points in this article:

C# XML to Excel XLSX Conversion API Installation

As far as the installation is concerned, this library is easy to install as you can visit the installation guide in case of any difficulty.

However, you can either download the DLL files or run the following command in the NuGet package manager.

Install-Package Aspose.Cells

Convert XML to Excel using C# Programmatically

Once the installation has been completed, you can manipulate and convert Excel files programmatically without having the Microsoft Excel application installed. Moreover, you can copy, and import data from other file formats by writing a few lines of code in C#.

Follow the following steps and the code snippet to Convert XML to Excel programmatically:

  1. Create an instance of the Workbook class.
  2. ImportXml method takes XML file path, destination sheet name, destination row, and column as arguments.
  3. Invoke the Save method to save the workbook as XLSX.

The following code snippet shows how to convert XML to Excel XLS or XLSX file in C#:

Run the server, and you will see the “data_xml.xlsx” file generated in your project root directory.

Output of the above code snippet can be seen in the image below:

import XML to XLSX C#

Import XML into Excel XLSX in C# - Advanced Options

So far, we have practically seen the conversion of XML data to Excel files programmatically. Therefore, there are many other methods and properties available that you may check here. Further, this library lets you automate the data import & export tasks and more.

Get a Free License

You can get a free temporary license to try the API without evaluation limitations.

Summing up

We can end the blog post here. We do hope you have learned how to convert XML to Excel XLSX using C# programmatically. You also have gone through the installation procedure which is quite easy. Moreover, there are other relevant articles mentioned in the “See Also” section below. Do not forget to visit the complete documentation of this library. Finally, is in a consistent process of writing new blog posts. Therefore, stay connected for the latest updates.

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